My little box- Parisienne box- unboxing

Well I saw My Little Box advertised on Facebook so I decided to sign up in September. I love the idea of subscription boxes and the beautiful illustrations on the my little box site filled me with delight!

Too Cute!

Too Cute!

My little box costs £11/month + £3.95 P&P per month, simply subscribe at their website: If you get your box delivered to your work place its even cheaper!

So pretty!

So pretty!

So this was the first box I got delivered-The September ‘Parisienne’ box. Each month My Little Box will choose a different theme and all of the gifts you receive are based on this theme.

My Little box describe their box as…

Fashion, beauty
and lifestyle surprises
delivered to your door

The box arrives in a cardboard box and when you open it up you find a beautifully illustrated box inside. I loved the fact that there was even a themed sticker on the inside of the throw away cardboard box- I kept mine! The box itself is sturdy and pretty enough to be saved and re-used.


When I opened my box I was an exciting bundle of contents tied together with a cute ribbon that I intend to use in my hair! I just love the tiny details of the box- you will want to keep and use everything!

In the box was:

  • A cute drawstring bag (lovely quality) that contained 3 beauty items.
  • A Notebook
  • Some Parisienne Stickers
  • A laptop Cover
  • An inspirational card
Oh la la!

Oh la la!

The beauty items included; A Laura Mercier Primer 30ml, Nuxe multi purpose dry oil and a Stylo Lumiere highlighting pen from my little beauty. Well I love each one! I have used the primer and it is lovely, easy to apply and works really well. I had run out of a highlighter pen and I’ve found this one good for under my eyes. I have been interested in beauty oild for a while but have yet to try one as I have quite oily skin and hair. However I love the smell of this Nuxe one and I have tried some on my face and a few drops in my bath- the smell is truly scrumptious!

How cute is this? I think I'll use mine for storing my hair elastics in!

How cute is this? I think I’ll use mine for storing my hair elastics in!

Next we have the lifestyle items, firstly the beautiful inspiration card. I am going to frame this and put it up in my new studio flat! Next we have a cute set of stickers, perfect for bringing a bit of Paris to anywhere you choose to stick them, we also have a lovely notebook that has some information from my little box in the front but also plenty of blank pages for you too fill! Finally a very high quality Laptop cover-unfortunately its too small to fit my laptop in and too big for my kindle so I’m just trying to figure out what I can use it for, suggestions welcome. Perhaps a hot water bottle cover?

Lifestyle items

I have to say I am absolutely delighted with my first little box, do you subscribe? If so what do you think?

What I love about this box is that: its beautiful, its a lifestyle box not just a beauty box, I will use everything in it, its great value for money and finally I love the idea of a different theme each month.

I have just received my October DVF box so watch this space for my next blog.


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