Beautifully Vintage


If I’m ever in need of some inspiration I simply look to the past, I love vintage clothes, beauty, hairstyles, home items and art work.

“Vintage is about looking forward through the window of the past,” says Charles March. “It’s like when you look through a photo album of your parents, and see your mother with a beehive and become inspired by that. You might listen to Goldfrapp and hear how she’s inspired by Donna Summer. You can do the same with fashion.”

So today I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite vintage pieces.

Some of my favourites

Some of my favourites

I find my vintage pieces in many different places; vintage fairs, vintage shops, charity shops and even car boot sales. One of my inspirations my Nana Silvia often passes onto me lovely vintage fashion pieces and my Grandma Marion has given me some beautiful vintage home pieces.

I love vintage bags-the quality of the leather is excellent and often you might find something hidden in the bag giving you a clue to the last owners identity! I also love vintage jewellery, scarves and pieces for my home. Being a size 14 vintage clothes don’t often fit me well but I do have some nice pieces.

vintage fair

So my wooden jewellery box came from a local vintage shop, I keep it open on my dresser with all my vintage jewellery displayed inside. My vintage tin came from a vintage fair and only cost a few pounds, I keep it on my dressing table and use it to store my make-up brushes in. My charm bracelet was a present from my Mum on my 18th birthday- it is ”old gold” and over the years I have added various vintage charms to it. It has to be my favourite vintage piece of all time. I have just bought my niece a vintage silver charm bracelet for her first Christmas and I plan to buy her a charm every year to add to it.  My vintage scarf and leather bag were both found at a vintage fair-I haggled the price on the bag and got it for a tenner! I have probably wore it at least 100 times! I often tie vintage scarves around my handbags or in my hair. My earrings were from a lovely vintage shop in Filey and I have had a lot of compliments on them- I love sparkles! Finally the tile/hook was a bargain from a vintage fair- it is probably not true vintage but simply vintage looking but I still love it!

What are your favourite vintage finds?


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