A beautiful DIY home

My boyfriend and I are currently renovating a flat to move into together. And whilst it’s really hard work I’m really enjoying the creative side of it! I’ve been trawling the Internet for some beautiful DIY projects to have a go at over half term and these are some of my favourites I wanted to share with you.

Teacup Candles
I love anything vintage and I have a gorgeous collection of vintage tea cups so I’m really excited about having a go at this project!


Seashell candles
I love shells and these would look great in the bathroom or as a centrepiece on the table.


Funky storage jars
I absolutely love these! Great for the kitchen to store rice, pasta, sugar etc in. But could work in any room, the gold ones would be lovely in the living room and the brighter colours could work in a children’s room, office or even a bedroom/bathroom for storing cotton wool, cotton buds etc! Simply clean out some jars, glue an animal of your choice on the lid and spray paint. So simple but so effective!


There are lots of beautiful ways to upcycle your old books and with most people owning some sort of kindle these days you can get your hands on books pretty easily. Here are some of my favourite ideas.


I will post some pictures when I’ve had a go at some of these beautiful little projects 💜


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