Beautiful home projects

As you all know I’m currently renovating a flat and being on half term I thought I’d try out some craft projects to make some pretty things for our flat.
Firstly I went on Pinterest to get some ideas and these were some of my favourites…


Work in progress

So firstly the storage jars. I bought some spray paint in gold and pink from Boyds, I also picked up a glue gun in there. A lovely lady from a sell and seek group on facebook donated some nice jars to me and after trailing the high street I found a huge bag of plastic animals in a charity shop for £3.
So yesterday I cleaned my jars and sprayed the lids and animals with the first coat of paint. Here are the results…

As you can see I still need to do a second coat of paint and glue gun my golden animals to the pink lids but I’m pretty pleased with the effect so far!

A finished project
I attempted and finished my flowered letter last night and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! It was pretty simple to do also! I used a craft knife to cut a letter L from a piece of card. I bought some silk flowers from the indoor market and I used my craft knife to chop off the heads! I then simply glue gunned them to the card. Finally I added some thread to hang my letter with. Here are my inspirations, work in progress and finished product.


To be continued
I haven’t started work on my tin cans or canvas yet although I did pick up a great canvas for 99p from home bargains yesterday so watch this space!

L x


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