Christmas is coming!

I am so excited about Christmas this year! Last year I was in Australia for Christmas and it just did not feel like Christmas. Growing up my Mum made a huge deal about Christmas and this was the first one I hadn’t spent at home surrounded by my family.
So I’ve already started buying some little Christmassy bits for our home.
I love a real tree at Christmas and I like to decorate it with a colour theme normally red and gold or a silver and Ivey blue. Recently on Facebook on my local sell and seek page I found some beautiful vintage decorations and a little vintage tree so this year we’ll be having 2 trees. I love vintage things so adding a vintage tree and decorations to my Christmas this year has made me want to put up my decs super early!
I discovered these 3 beauties at a recent Christmas fair and trip to Primarni.

I also did a bit of Christmas gift shopping, I like to buy unusual and personal gifts for my friends and family.

How is your Christmas present shopping going?
L x


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