The 3 mascaras I always come back to

I love trying out new makeup especially anything new and innovative, at the moment I’m keen to try out the fibre lash mascaras. But there are some products I always come back too like a great film or good book.

These are my 3 old faithful mascaras…

Benefit they’re real

The most expensive of the bunch at around £16 this mascara is more of a splurge than a save! However the style of the brush is great at covering even the smallest of lashes. It gives a great finish to lashes making them appear longer and fuller.

Boujours Extreme Clubbing Mascara
A mid range price at £7.99, I’m currently wearing this one. I get the extreme black, non waterproof version. A different wand to ‘they’re real’ you have to be more careful with application but the coverage is great!


Maybelline Great Lash
A snip at £4.99! This was what I wore when I was a teen! I do love this mascara and Maybelline have changed the brush recently which makes covering those finer, shorter lashes simple.


I’m sure I will continue to flutter my lashes towards other mascaras but these 3 will always be my come back toos!

L x


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