1 for you 1 for me!

So I did a little Christmas shopping yesterday but I seemed to buy as many items for myself as I did presents! I’m not going to blog about the gifts I purchased others as some of my friends read my blog. However here are my treats to myself!

I was beginning to run out of concealer and eyebrow pencil so I simply re-purchased the rimmel products. I’m a huge fan of the rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown, the brush on the lid is so handy! Also their hide the blemish concealer provides great coverage.

Addicted to nail polish
Whilst in superdrug the offers were too good to resist so I also picked up 3 barry m nail polishes (they were on 3 for 2). I went for a matte copa cabana- a coral/red. A gelly papaya- a peachy orange and a sparkly starlet- a pink and gold glitter. The lady at the counter told me to grab another to complete my rimmel 3 for 2 so I choose the matte topcoat to try out. Barry m are one of my favourite nail polish brands. I love the range of products they have to offer and the prices are great!

Help for my hair
Also in superdrug was an Aussie 2 for £7 offer and a friend had recommended the Aussome Volume rinse out mousse, so I really wanted to try this product! I have fine hair that lacks volume and I find mousse really helps. I’ve recently had my hair re-ombred and my ends have taken a “beating” so I picked up the 3 minute miracle colour to try out on just my ends.

Smells divine
Finally a trip to lush around Christmas time could only mean 1 thing- I had to purchase my favourite shower gel snow fairy. I’m obsessed with the smell. I’m hoping I get some for Christmas but if not I have a medium sized bottle as back up.
Once tried il let you know how I get on with these goodies.

L x


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