Wreck this journal 

Hi lovelies, I’m sorry my blog has been pretty quiet lately I’ve been very busy starting a new job and moving house! 

Today I wanted to share with you my latest obsession Wreck this journal. I’m a very creative person, I love to express my creativity through art, beauty, fashion and DIY. 

So the idea behind Wreck this journal is that the book has instructions on each page of different ways in which you can “wreck it.” 

These instructions include statements such as; take this page in the shower, bury this page in your neighbours back yard and freeze this page. 


Some “wreckers” take the instructions very literally and some take a more artistic approach. 

I’m having so much fun completing pages from my wreck it journal! I definitely recommend it to anyone else who likes being creative. 

Happy wrecking! 
L x  


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