My skincare routine 

I had pretty good skin growing up and through my teens then I reached adult hood and I started to get oily skin and spots- how unfair!

A good skin routine is very important and I’ve tried a hellava lot of products to get a routine I’m happy with that works. 

I love make up wipes and I always come back to Johnsons, some wipes can feel a little dry and drag on the skin. Johnsons wipes are nice and moist and remove all of my make up. I use the ones for combination skin but there are other types. Stock up on these wipes when they are on offer in boots! 

Once I’ve removed my make up I then cleanse with my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. I decided to purchase this one after reading lots of good things about it and I really like it. My skin feels clean and nourished after using this product. 

For my morning routine I then go on to spritz with a toner water. My current favourite is the my little beauty energising one. Finally I’ll apply a moisturiser, Talikas photo hydra uses natural light to most use throughout the day. A nice light formula. 

For my evening routine I apply a night cream. Garniers miracle sleeping cream is lovely and leaves my skin looking nice in the morning. 

I also use a foam face wash when in the shower and a clay mask a few times a month. 

So that’s my current skin care routine, what’s yours? 

L x


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