Cooking up a storm

I must admit I love to cook, I’m not a great baker but I am a pretty good cook! I try to cook all of our evening meals from scratch using fresh ingredients where possible. 

Growing up with 2 younger sisters and divorced parents I learnt to cook from a young age. Back in those days it was all about taste, calories and fresh produce didn’t really come into it. We were quite lucky as kids though as we did get to try a range of foods and cuisines. 

My cooking style.

I care about presentation and always like my meals to look good. I try to use fresh ingredients where possible. Taste is paramount and I love flavoursome food! I like meals that are easy to prepare and cook, I’m not into fuss. I spend around £70 a week on food shopping for 2 of us, so I would say my meals aren’t expensive.

My favourites and influences.

I’m a huge spice fan; Mexican, Indian and Thai are some of my favourite cuisines! I’m also a big seafood, fruit and veggie lover. I do eat meat- a lot of chicken normally. But I also like pork, lamb, duck and a nice medium rare steak. 

Whilst travelling around Australia I tried some more unusual meats including crocodile, kangaroo and goat. As well as a good BBQ Thai cuisine is very popular in Australia so I picked up a lot of ideas whilst sampling the Asian cuisine! My Grandad was a Police officer in Bradford and he learnt to cook a mean vegetable curry from the Indian and Pakistani ladies who lived there. I think this is where my love of spice comes from! 

I’m loving 2 appliances at the moment- my slow cooker and my smoothie maker/juicer. 

So what am I cooking tonight? 
In Australia we ate some fantastic Laska at the markets so tonight I had a go at my own version of Laska- Thai Prawn, Chicken, Noodle and coconut curry soup. 


  • A splash of oil
  • 3 cloves of garlic, sliced
  • 3 tbsp of red thai curry paste 
  • 1 tbsp of grated ginger 
  • 250g chicken breast diced
  • 1 pack of cooked king prawns
  • 1 pint of chicken broth 
  • 1 tin of coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 lime juiced
  • 1 packet of rice noodles
  • To garnish- red onion, spring onions, red chilli and corriander.


  1. Fry the garlic, ginger and curry paste in the oil in a large pan over a medium heat for 5 minutes.
  2. Add the diced chicken and fry until it starts to brown. 
  3. Add the broth, fish sauce and coconut milk. Bring to the boil and taste. If it tastes too salty add more water (the lime juice will also help)
  4. Add the noodles, prawns and lime juice and continue to heat (simmer) for 3 minutes.
  5. Serve the soup into bowls and garnish with sliced red onion, spring onions, red chilli and corriander. 

A quick, tasty, filling and healthy meal. Enjoy!

L x 


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