I finished my jars

So guys you may remember that I was inspired by some craft projects on pinterest a while back. I posted a work in progress a while back as a teaser and I finally finished them, here they are!

I’m so pleased with how they turned out! I’m just not sure what to store in them yet. I’m so happy with them I’m going to make some more in different colours I think for other areas in our home.

L x

Christmas is coming!

I am so excited about Christmas this year! Last year I was in Australia for Christmas and it just did not feel like Christmas. Growing up my Mum made a huge deal about Christmas and this was the first one I hadn’t spent at home surrounded by my family.
So I’ve already started buying some little Christmassy bits for our home.
I love a real tree at Christmas and I like to decorate it with a colour theme normally red and gold or a silver and Ivey blue. Recently on Facebook on my local sell and seek page I found some beautiful vintage decorations and a little vintage tree so this year we’ll be having 2 trees. I love vintage things so adding a vintage tree and decorations to my Christmas this year has made me want to put up my decs super early!
I discovered these 3 beauties at a recent Christmas fair and trip to Primarni.

I also did a bit of Christmas gift shopping, I like to buy unusual and personal gifts for my friends and family.

How is your Christmas present shopping going?
L x

Beautiful home projects

As you all know I’m currently renovating a flat and being on half term I thought I’d try out some craft projects to make some pretty things for our flat.
Firstly I went on Pinterest to get some ideas and these were some of my favourites…


Work in progress

So firstly the storage jars. I bought some spray paint in gold and pink from Boyds, I also picked up a glue gun in there. A lovely lady from a sell and seek group on facebook donated some nice jars to me and after trailing the high street I found a huge bag of plastic animals in a charity shop for £3.
So yesterday I cleaned my jars and sprayed the lids and animals with the first coat of paint. Here are the results…

As you can see I still need to do a second coat of paint and glue gun my golden animals to the pink lids but I’m pretty pleased with the effect so far!

A finished project
I attempted and finished my flowered letter last night and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! It was pretty simple to do also! I used a craft knife to cut a letter L from a piece of card. I bought some silk flowers from the indoor market and I used my craft knife to chop off the heads! I then simply glue gunned them to the card. Finally I added some thread to hang my letter with. Here are my inspirations, work in progress and finished product.


To be continued
I haven’t started work on my tin cans or canvas yet although I did pick up a great canvas for 99p from home bargains yesterday so watch this space!

L x

Beautiful bargain hunting on the high street

Inspired by a fab blog I follow I decided this weekend to do some bargain hunting on the high street and here are some of my finds…

Cute Storage
I found this little beauty in home bargains for less than £1 and I thought it would be fab for makeup brushes.

Because it’s plastic you could even leave make up brushes soaking in baby shampoo in here to clean them.

My second fab storage find was £4.99 and at the moment I’m using it to keep my day to day products in.

I love the vintage feel of this little crate and it would look equally good in a kitchen.

Beauty finds
Speaking of vintage I found these adorable nail files in pound land. These would make fab stocking fillers and look so cute displayed on a dressing table.


Home decor
Another cute steal I found were these jelly moulds. I’m currently renovating a flat and the kitchen will be white with pastel accents so these will be perfect and only 99p from home bargains!


A beautiful DIY home

My boyfriend and I are currently renovating a flat to move into together. And whilst it’s really hard work I’m really enjoying the creative side of it! I’ve been trawling the Internet for some beautiful DIY projects to have a go at over half term and these are some of my favourites I wanted to share with you.

Teacup Candles
I love anything vintage and I have a gorgeous collection of vintage tea cups so I’m really excited about having a go at this project!


Seashell candles
I love shells and these would look great in the bathroom or as a centrepiece on the table.


Funky storage jars
I absolutely love these! Great for the kitchen to store rice, pasta, sugar etc in. But could work in any room, the gold ones would be lovely in the living room and the brighter colours could work in a children’s room, office or even a bedroom/bathroom for storing cotton wool, cotton buds etc! Simply clean out some jars, glue an animal of your choice on the lid and spray paint. So simple but so effective!


There are lots of beautiful ways to upcycle your old books and with most people owning some sort of kindle these days you can get your hands on books pretty easily. Here are some of my favourite ideas.


I will post some pictures when I’ve had a go at some of these beautiful little projects 💜