Tried and Tested- no heat waves/curls. 

I am enjoying having shorter hair but where as with long hair you can just tie it up I have found my shorter hair requires styling to look passable! 


My lob (long bob) is ombre so does tend to look better with some shape and to be honest my hair straighteners are on there way out! So I was desperate to find an easy way to style my hair! 

Now one way I have found that creates a lovely volumous look is popping large rollers in for a few hours for body and bounce. I have tried sleeping in them but I find I don’t get as good an effect so I tend to dry my hair 3/4 dry then pop them in for an hour or so while I get ready. 


 I think lobs, particularly ombre look great wavy and waves are a perfect summer look however I cannot be bothered to use a wand or curler on my hair every day to achieve this look, so I thought I’d try out the no heat required waves/curls technique.   
Basically you wrap sections of you’re hair around a hairband so you look like this! I did mine in freshly washed and dried hair- I just spritzed with a little salt water to slightly dampen. I then left just over an hour for hair to dry and gently removed the headband. 

I was super pleased and left with beautiful loose be achy waves. Remember the longer you leave this the tighter the curl will be (I’ve tried wet hair over night and ended up looking like a poodle!) 

I’m so happy with the result I plan to rock this look over the rest of the holidays! 

Have you tried this method of curling?

L xx

Latest In Beauty

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Percy and Reed no oil oil review


I was very excited with my free gift with Elle this month, a 30ml Percy & Reed no oil volumising oil. In my last blog I promised I’d do an honest review of this product once I’d tried it. 

I have fine hair and a lot of it which tends to get greasy and often lacks volume. I often struggle to find products which work with my hair type so I was excited to give this one a go. I was not disappointed! After following the instructions on the bottle and adding 3 drops to my towel dried hair then drying, my hair was smooth and volumous and not at all greasy. The effects lasted for 2 days which I was really pleased with as my hair can be a little limp on the second day after washing. 

This is a product I will definitely be re purchasing! 
L xxx

Excited for Elle

I love a good freebie and this month the lovely people at Elle are treating us to a 30ml Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil. The rrp of this product is £14 for 60ml. 

What do Percy & Reed say?

Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil For Fine Hair is a marvellous multi-tasker and a true hair innovation. It nourishes and repairs hair, giving smooth, sleek, silky locks whilst also adding volume. What more could you ask for? 

Apply the ultralight, water-based formula to the roots and through the lengths of the hair to add volume without creating build-up or making hair feel greasy. The formula instantly conditions and rehydrates, improving hair condition and creating mirror-like shine, while volumising ingredients work to build body and provide hold, boosting hair’s resistance to frizz and humidity. Perfect for fine, lank flat hair that lacks volume, and for fine to medium hair of any length. 


I have a quite fine hair that tends to lack volume and can get quite greasy so I’m really looking forward to putting this product to the test! Watch this space for an honest review! 

Did you purchase a copy of Elle this month?

L x 

Facing my Hair Fears! 

For as long as I can remember I’ve had long hair. Long hair is great, you can tie it up, curl it and hide behind it! Long hair became my safety blanket! 


Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t say my hairs led a boring life. I’ve experimented with colour and styling a lot. I’m very lucky having a sister who’s a hairdresser but she knew better to ever suggest cutting my hair shorter! I was the sort of girl who had nightmares where I had my hair cut and cried because I hated it so much!

After being red, dark brown, blonde, purple, trying highlights and ombré I fancied a change. Flicking through Pinterest the long bob or “lob” caught my eye. The problem with my long hair was that it was often a bit flat and lifeless. The Lob on the other hand looked full of bounce. Should I go for it?
Before I could analyse the idea too much I sent a pic to my sister asking something like would me face look fat with this style?! She was quick to respond with “not, go for it.” Before I knew it I was sat on a chair my hair falling at my feet! I was very excited and nervous to see the finished result but I loved it! 


My hair feels like it’s got so much more body and bounce. It’s easy to style and I can still curl it. I feel like I look more stylish and classy too. 

As I’m getting older I’m definitely  happier in my own skin. 
Hope you enjoyed reading about my hair restyle, 

L x

My skincare routine 

I had pretty good skin growing up and through my teens then I reached adult hood and I started to get oily skin and spots- how unfair!

A good skin routine is very important and I’ve tried a hellava lot of products to get a routine I’m happy with that works. 

I love make up wipes and I always come back to Johnsons, some wipes can feel a little dry and drag on the skin. Johnsons wipes are nice and moist and remove all of my make up. I use the ones for combination skin but there are other types. Stock up on these wipes when they are on offer in boots! 

Once I’ve removed my make up I then cleanse with my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. I decided to purchase this one after reading lots of good things about it and I really like it. My skin feels clean and nourished after using this product. 

For my morning routine I then go on to spritz with a toner water. My current favourite is the my little beauty energising one. Finally I’ll apply a moisturiser, Talikas photo hydra uses natural light to most use throughout the day. A nice light formula. 

For my evening routine I apply a night cream. Garniers miracle sleeping cream is lovely and leaves my skin looking nice in the morning. 

I also use a foam face wash when in the shower and a clay mask a few times a month. 

So that’s my current skin care routine, what’s yours? 

L x

Nail of the month 💅🏽

Well as the weather has been so lovely lately it really does feel as though Summer is coming. This month I decided to opt for coral in homage to the sunnier weather. I tend to go for 1 or 2 nails in a different colour to the rest for a modern, stand out feel and you can’t beat a bit of sparkle! 

What are your nails sporting right now? 

L x