Tried and Tested- no heat waves/curls. 

I am enjoying having shorter hair but where as with long hair you can just tie it up I have found my shorter hair requires styling to look passable! 


My lob (long bob) is ombre so does tend to look better with some shape and to be honest my hair straighteners are on there way out! So I was desperate to find an easy way to style my hair! 

Now one way I have found that creates a lovely volumous look is popping large rollers in for a few hours for body and bounce. I have tried sleeping in them but I find I don’t get as good an effect so I tend to dry my hair 3/4 dry then pop them in for an hour or so while I get ready. 


 I think lobs, particularly ombre look great wavy and waves are a perfect summer look however I cannot be bothered to use a wand or curler on my hair every day to achieve this look, so I thought I’d try out the no heat required waves/curls technique.   
Basically you wrap sections of you’re hair around a hairband so you look like this! I did mine in freshly washed and dried hair- I just spritzed with a little salt water to slightly dampen. I then left just over an hour for hair to dry and gently removed the headband. 

I was super pleased and left with beautiful loose be achy waves. Remember the longer you leave this the tighter the curl will be (I’ve tried wet hair over night and ended up looking like a poodle!) 

I’m so happy with the result I plan to rock this look over the rest of the holidays! 

Have you tried this method of curling?

L xx